Monday, 6 February 2012

Bono is on vacation in Panama!

As the news site U2Fanlife, Bono was on vacation in Panama. It is not common in the editorial line of the site to post news about what each member is in the intimacy of his private life. But there is a material fact in this "gossip": Panama is less than 1500 km from Brazil. Do not understand? Click "Read more".
In December last year, we posted here a rumor that Bono would spend their holidays at the invitation of President Lula. On occasion, news came from columnist Vivi Mascaro (IG) and days later also left in the "Good Guys" (The Globe).
Today the Spanish website U2Fanlife published photos of the singer of U2 fans with Panama. The photos have been posted on social media and according to rumors, Bono would have spent the week in towns and also in the capital.

Panama and Brazil are separated only by Colombia, a distance less than 1500 km and 4500 km from one capital to another.

Obviously everything remains in the realm of rumor. Bono may even now be in Dublin, New York or Eze. But the news does not stop being curious and interesting.

Source: u2br

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