"For the first time..I feel love"

Here I want to put each story of each U2 fan about how they discovered the band.

Name: Paulo Henrique Vetri Martinho
Country: Brazil
City: São Carlos

It was a Monday, one of the few I could say it was awesome. I was sitting on the couch without much encouragement, watching television. My parents said they would be broadcast a show from a band of their day. I do, then about 15 years, I thought it would be rather boring: a band of the time my parents should be somewhat irritating to watch. Until the early show. Edge (at that time I did not even know it was called that) begins with his guitar that sound penetrating the introduction of City of Blinding Lights. And I have been hypnotized. I've never heard an audience scream so a show like that. And then begins City. My heart goes out to a thousand right there, sitting on the couch. I'm ecstatic, just enjoying what would be the beginning of a lifelong passion. Vertigo comes later, and I swear, if I had never before heard screams so loud, this time is exceeded. When the counting is done, the Morumbi whole lung becomes a giant and shouts: "Catorce !!!!", and the song starts to make me even crazier. And the show is going on, a song better than the other. Until that arrives Where the streets have no name. Done. It was just the music you loved U2 today. "Come on, BRAZIL! BRASIIIIIL! And the music explodes, poor Stadium, he did not want to be now. I've never seen so many people jumping, not crazy, it seemed that the Morumbi was going to come down to. Accompanied of course by the end, even though that wake up early for school the next day. from that day everything changed in my life. I looked over all of U2 on the Internet, I could always buy DVDs and CDs, today I have all, with great pride. and for six years until now they save me every day, bring me peace, happiness, and this was the peak year of 2011 when I went to the show at Morumbi April 09, Inner. I'll never part with them.

Name: Vitória Guidugli Godoy
Country: Brazil
City: São José do Rio Preto

In some happy day, a month of happy happy year of 2005 I opened my eyes to life. I remember well. I was in my room, was only 10 years old, six years ago, and went down to the room. My mother was there along with some relatives who were visiting, including my godmother who was in the Vertigo Tour in Brazil. She had put the DVD's Vertigo Tour in Chicago to see my mother was a bit like the show she had the blessed good fortune to attend. I stopped in the middle of the room because I found a very beautiful show, then watched in music. I knew nothing of U2, did not know what was playing, but today I know that was in the middle of 'Vertigo', rs. I sat down and stopped to watch a little, it began 'Elevation' and it was there at that moment that I first saw it so, so good! The Edge appeared in the video, close that it takes my breath away even today, having already decorated every move, playing electrifying sound that got me hypnotized! Details: I started watching more DVD because this guy, only to see it again and again over and over and so many times ... It was because I started to love him even more U2. But I also loved the music! I kept watching and for the thought of a 10 year old, I think I evaluated the band very well. Of the whole show only a few songs I did not like the hours, to be very different style than me, all small, like at the time. I fell mainly for 'City Of Blinding Lights', 'Vertigo', 'Elevation', 'Miracle Drug', 'Sunday Bloody Sunday', 'Original Of The Species', 'New Year's Day' (this I addicted! I even out alone at the piano: D) 'Sometimes You Can not Make It On Your Own', 'Mysterious Ways', 'Yahweh', among others ...

My mother told me some things about the band told me about Bono on the song "Sometimes You Can not Make It On Your Own 'which often made her cry. We started watching the DVD a few times together. With her always talking about the 'cute touquinha of' (later 'The Edge' at me, then just 'Dear Edge' and now 'my lover'...) and commenting on the band's sound, which she thought was very good . As I was just a kid with no personality whose mind was easily influenced by the meaningless crap that I was presented outside the home and manipulated by other children who had no notion of life, lol, I just do not addicted and made my life U2 as it is today, in the first year. But they were always there, whether in some songs, or in the words of my mother. My 'musical routine' child was almost the same for four years: the bands I liked, some of the things that my parents listened to U2's music and some, including the two I loved most at that time: Miracle Drug (which I listened remembering Edge, haha, I have to admit, have dreamed of it, haha) and Stuck In A Moment You Can not Get Out Of (that would change my life, years later ...) Well, my beginning was in 2005, but everything changed in late 2009 ... We know that everyone in life goes through bad times and that deep down, regardless of the help and support you may receive from friends and family around you in that situation, the real improvement comes when we are able to solve alone, alone with our conscience . When we find the solution to our problem without help from anyone else, we really got better understand how we think and act ... We know better. And it will reflect on you life.
Why do I say that? Simple. For all the years of my life, from tiny up to now I have always been living in a situation not very pleasant in relation to society. Of course, neither here nor there to explain my situation and the difference compared to old now, but you have to say I was sad, very sad to have the idea that U2 made me. At the end of 2009 to early 2010 I got worse. I spent some miserable, almost the worst of my life. You know when you're almost throwing everything into the air and thinking about giving up anything that you are related? Well, usually people go through it as adults ... Well, we still consider myself a child to 14 years, and I was already bad. Remember in the text, 18 lines ago, when I said Stuck In A Moment You Can not Get Out Of my life would change? Well, we arrived. She finally changed. It was in one of those days that we have the impression that God woke up angry with you, everything is wrong and you have no idea what to do ... then, I had an idea! I will say only that I was very upset, it was not my normal! And Stuck came in mind to remember that. Saved me, made me see the light and the reason that my life would from that moment forward.

''I never thought You Were a fool
But darling, look at you.
You gotta stand up straight, carry your own weight
These tears are going nowhere, baby ...

You've got to get yourself together
You've got stuck in the moment and now you can not get out of it
Do not Say That will be better later, now you're stuck in the moment
And you can not get out of it ...''

Well for me, though, she appeared in the best possible time and after that everything changed for me, both inside and out. My world view is now different, the way I started looking at things, people, the world, the situation changed and even myself.
After that moment I started to look and tell me more about U2. Search the discography, all the work, tours, videos and products. I bought the book U2 by U2 to tell me more, I began to raise money for the 360 ​​° tour happened in Brazil a little over a year after Stuck save me.

U2 has become my life. Simply this. When I learned more about each of the members fell in love! And the Edge has gained more attention to me! I fell for him at all! Today he is my lover, is a separate story about the U2, above perfection to me! ?
Good, but U2 is not just Edge (that I'm almost ... kkkk). I found out each one, and I charmed at all! I am not disappointed at all, on the contrary! The guys are perfect! If you have made my life at that time, I am eternally grateful for having saved me, and today is my soul!

Things changed every day thereafter. Every day I fell in love and I admired even by the band at their job ...
I was able to realize the dream of going on a show of them, incidentally, went on two! And I still can not believe it was real! It seems impossible that there are people so perfect!
Good, but I think that's all I can say. U2 can no longer be defined in words for me. ?
U2 is everything. ?

Name: Géssica Carvalho Lisboa Silva
Country: Brazil
City: Fortaleza

U2 I met through the band's show in Sao Paulo in 2006, when my mother was watching, was also where she started to like them, then thereafter, we both addicted, a song that always reminds me that time Unforgettable Fire is, why it became my favorite, because that was a great time! So from then on, my mother started learning about U2 and I also was when she bought the DVD from the Vertigo Tour live in Chicago for me and her, and every day before school I arranged watching that DVD, for Amazingly, when I was sick enough that I always listen to U2 I was cured! was very good, and still is! In 2007 my mother bought a phone that U2 was launched and even today I got it, and it also came a beautiful picture of the band that until now I have too, these are the best years of my life since I found happiness and my happiness has a name: U2! Taking the love of my life is Bono, I even invented a nickname for him: "White Chocolate"

Another thing that makes me happy because I was a fan of U2, is that through them I met my best friends!
Thanks for everything U2, the greatest band of all time!