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HD [Multicam] U2 360º Intro / EBTTRT (Live from La Plata, ARG, 2º Night)


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U2start live show

U2 = live, there is no way around that. U2 shows are among the greatest. That's why we have came up with an idea called U2start live show, which basically revolves around U2 shows and fans. Live show is a way of (re)living a U2 show online, with all information you could want available. Live audio, live setlist, social media and of course the U2start forum. That in a nutshell is U2start live show.

What kind of live shows are there?

There are basically just two kind of live shows: 
Live: U2 is performing tonight in London from 21:00 PM GMT to 23:00 PM GMT. In the forum topic on this show you will find live social media, an automatically updated setlist from the show, general show information, links to audio/video streams (where available) and while enjoying all this media you can also chat live with other U2 fans using Live Topics in our forums.

On-demand: U2start will organise on-demand shows once in a while, which will be held in a specific forum topic on a specific time. On this time you can listen live to the bootleg of a U2 show (we may decide to not make this information public, guess what show it is!). The audio bootleg will be broadcasted using an online radio station. Meanwhile you can read tweets on this show and chat live with other U2 fans using Live Topics in our forums.

All this functionality will be available for the entire show without having to refresh your browser, which is the great thing about U2start live show.

How do I know when a live show is taking place?
We will announce these on the show pages, the frontpage and of course on the forums.

Where can I find a live show when it's taking place?
In the forum topic (which you can find on the sources mentioned above), there is general information on when the live show is taking place like date and time (with timezone conversion to your local time). On the bottom of the topic you can find all live show functionality. In your preferences you can also decide to move it up to the heading of the topic. Which may not always be useful since you cannot use Live Topics simulteanously without having to scroll a lot.

I don't like it being in the heading of footer of the topic, what else?
Update your browser to a modern one (like Google Chrome), and make sure you have a widescreen monitor. Then, open up the live show page and you'll see that it will be nicely positioned on the right as a sider.


Friday, 27 April 2012

U2′s Bono sat in at yacht meeting on Savoy sale

U2 SINGER Bono was brought to a meeting on a yacht in the south of France by Patrick McKillen and Derek Quinlan that settled the sale of the London’s luxury Savoy Hotel, it emerged yesterday.

The revelation by Mr Quinlan came during a London high court case in which Mr McKillen alleges he was improperly barred from taking control of three other London hotels.

Separately, the court found against Mr McKillen’s application that some of his financial affairs should not be disclosed and that some of the case should be heard in private.

Mr Quinlan told the court a member of the Saudi royal family, Prince Al-Waleed, had agreed in 2004 to pay £230 million (€281 million) for the Savoy, one of four hotels bought by a Quinlan-led group of investors.

By August of that year, however, there was “still a dispute” about the deposit to be paid, so Mr Quinlan said he was invited to the yacht to “finalise the deal”.

“I asked Mr McKillen if he wanted to come; he agreed and I suggested that Mr McKillen’s very close friend of 20 years, the singer Bono from the band U2, should join us.”

The singer, who is part-owner of a yacht along with Mr McKillen and U2 guitarist The Edge, happened to be in the south of France at the time.

“I recall that I sat beside Prince A1-Waleed and Bono sat next to me. Mr McKillen, on the other hand, sat at the other end of the yacht and made no contribution to the discussion,” said Mr Quinlan.

Meanwhile, Mr Justice David Richards rejected Mr McKillen’s application that some of the defendants, including the billionaire Barclay brothers, should be denied sight of details of his financial affairs.

Dismissing it, the judge said the application came “nowhere near” the standards necessary to justify it, adding he could not name a single example where a similar order had been made.

Unusually, he ordered Mr McKillen to pay a sum on account to cover the defendants’ costs, while, even more unusually, he also awarded costs to media organisations that had challenged the application, including The Irish Times.


Thursday, 26 April 2012

HD [Multicam] U2 360º New Years's Day (Live from La Plata, Argentina)


Paul McCartney and U2 join list of music millionaires

Musician Paul McCartney took third place in annual ranking of the British newspaper The Sunday Times of 50/1 music millionaires in Britain and Ireland.

The fortune of £ 665 million - 170 million which increased after his marriage to Nancy Shevell last year - put the Beatles legend behind the theater producer Cameron Mackintosh (£ 725 million) in second place and the entrepreneur Clive Calder (£ 1,350 million) at the top.

Andrew Lloyd Webber came in fourth with £ 590 million, followed by U2 with £ 514 million in the fifth. Other notable names who are between 10/1 Simon Cowell is in seventh with £ 225 million, Sir Elton John in the eighth with £ 220 million and Sir Mick Jagger tied with David and Victoria Beckham with £ 190 million in the tenth.

Also, Chris Martin of Coldplay and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow to appear a few steps below £ 72 million and Gary Barlow took the 49th place with £ 50 million. The list of fortunes based on assets such as land, property, shares and works of art, but does not include the values ​​of bank accounts, which the Sunday Times does not have access.

Check out the top ten music millionaires in the UK:

1. Clive Calder (£ 1,350 million, about $ 4.12 billion)
2. Sir Cameron Mackintosh (£ 725 million, about $ 2.29 billion)
3. Sir Paul McCartney (£ 665 million, about $ 2.31 billion)
4. Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber (£ 590 million, about $ 1.8 billion)
5. U2 (£ 514 million, about $ 1.5 billion)
6. Simon Fuller (£ 375 million, about $ 1.1 billion)
7. Simon Cowell (£ 225 million, about $ 687 million)
8. Sir Elton John (£ 220 million about $ 672 million)
9. Michael Flatley (£ 192 million, about $ 586 million)
10. David and Victoria Beckham, Daniel Ek (Spotify), Sir Mick Jagger (£ 190 million, about $ 580 million)

Source: Vagalume

HD [Multicam] U2 360º North Star (Live from La Plata, Argentina)


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

HD [Multicam] U2 360º Vertigo (Live from Denver, USA)


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CuteCircuit reveals the secrets of bright jackets of 360 ° Tour

For the first time, the company CuteCircuit reveals the secrets of the jackets lumunosas 360 Tour took place and tells us how his collaboration with the band. See!


Backstage ... Bono is ready, try his new jacket CuteCircuit and all you can say is "Incredible."

The making of U2's LED Video Screen


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Production directed by dance music Morleigh Edge debut in the U.S.

'Spellbinding … It’s nice to see a bit of rock-star oomph being injected into the world of contemporary dance.' 


That was the verdict of the Irish Times when Cold Dream Colour, a hypnotic dance production inspired by the work of Louis le Brocquy, opened in Ireland in 2010. Now the production, conceived and directed by Morleigh Steinberg, choreographer and wife of The Edge, is opening in Los Angeles.

Dublin-born Louis le Brocquy is recognized around the world as the foremost living figure in the history of C20th Irish art. A master of painting, illustration, printmaking, tapestry design and set design, his work has received international praise during a seventy year career. 

Experiencing Le Brocquy’s paintings for the first time, Morleigh was drawn to their powerful and evocative imagery. 'My response was a pure physical and emotional intrigue that stirred me. I imagined the vitality of his paintings, springing from the singular plane of the canvas into multi dimension, my body feeling their potential to translate into movement.'

In an interview with ahead of the Irish premiere a couple of years back, Morleigh told us that she asked Le Brocquy if he'd 'ever seen his paintings danced'.

'He said no, he'd never seen his paintings danced! So the idea started there. He so often pays homage to different painters, and I thought, for his birthday we could pay homage to him.'

Leading Los Angeles choreographer Oguri collaborates with Morleigh and another Dublin-based choreographer Liz Roche in Cold Dream Colour which features a score by Edge and Paul Chavez. The U.S. premiere takes place at REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater) next month, from May 16 to Sunday, May 20. Buy tickets here

Official website for Cold Dream Colour

Louis le Brocquy’s official website


U2 singer Bono: Hope springs eternal in Jerusalem

The U2 frontman Bono described Jerusalem as a "great city" in a note left at his hotel after a visit to Israel earlier this month.

enhanced-buzz-10084-1334709481-4.jpgThe Irish singer was spotted at a Jaffa restaurant last week, but was in the country on a private visit and did not perform. However, he did leave an artistic legacy, writing a short poem in the guest book of the historic King David Hotel in Jerusalem. The poem, published on gossip website Buzz Feed, noted that "in Jerusalem, hope springs eternal".

Bono wrote: "Hope is like a faithful dog, sometimes she runs ahead of me to check the future, to sniff it out and then I call to her: Hope, Hope, come here, and she comes to me. "I pet her, she eats out of my hand and sometimes she stays behind, near some other hope maybe to sniff out whatever was. "Then I call her my Despair. I call out to her. Here, my little Despair, come here and she comes and snuggles up, and again I call her Hope."

He signed his comment by thanking the hotel for giving him a "great room" in a "great city".


Rumor: band has been working in the studio on Saturday

It seems that the band has reunited in the studio of Hanover Quay in Dublin. A source would have talked to Dallas on Saturday and obtained confirmation. See what the site says U2 place today:

 U2 em estúdio

Friday, 20 April 2012

U2 nominated for the Billboard Music Awards 2012

U2 was nominated for Best Tour (Top Touring Act), the U2360 ° Tour, the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. In the dispute with the band are Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, Take That and Roger Waters. The award was based on the events of March 1, 2011 and February 29, 2012.

The awards ceremony will take place in Las Vegas on May 20 (Sunday), live broadcast on ABC from 21:00 (GMT).

Source: U2BR

Thursday, 19 April 2012

U22 should be released on May

The U2.Com e-mailed to subscribers with the latest news and a summary of what is on the site. What drew the most attention was that, finally, there is expected to launch the "U22" for May and also an indication that the band is in studio. See excerpts of e-mail by clicking "Read more":

About the U22:

U22, the CD with live tracks taken from the U2360 ° - with tracks chosen by our subscribers - is already with us.

And a fall release for the beginning of May - notify you by e-mail everyone who renewed their subscription for next year when we have the final details.

- If you subscribe, you can now download tracks from the album THREE. Click here to see how

A curious piece of e-mail reports that the band really is now in studio:

With the band out of public view and in the studio, we are introducing some new content to subscribers, as the return of "My U2 Playlist. '

- New album: gather all the news regarding the new album here!

In addition, the email also talks about the camanha "Walk In My Shoes", supported by Adam Clayton.

Source: U2BR

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dies saxophonist who played with U2 Rattle and Hum

The saxophonist Andrew Love, who helped found the Memphis Horns duo, along with trumpeter Wayne Jackson, died at age 70, on April 12 at his home in the United States. His wife told The Associated Press that he suffered from Alzheimer's.

In February this year, the duo received the award for the whole work at the Grammys in 2012. The award honors artists who have brought contributions to the musical environment.

The pair had played with Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, Otis Redding, U2, Jack White and Alicia Keys. Among the songs are attended by "Suspicious Minds" Elvis, "Let's Stay Together" Al Green, "Sweet Caroline," Diamond, among others.

Source: YouTube

Watch this clip of "Angel of Harlem", which is part of the movie "Rattle and Hum", and see Andrew Love playing with U2. He is sitting behind the Bono:


Source: Ultraviolet Brasil

Playlist U2 with Daniel Lanois

Daniel Lanois, Canadian composer and singer and extraordinary producer, has been in the studio with U2 on many albums since The Unforgettable Fire, 1984.

In 2008, when he was working with the band's No Line On The Horizon, we asked him to look back on those albums to your playlist U2.


Interview with Ali Hewson

In 2005, the super couple Ali Hewson and Bono founded the Edun, a clothing line with the goal of creating a global fashion brand committed to develop trade with Africa through sustainable growth, while inspiring other brands to do the same. His approach "style with substance" guides everything that makes Edun, from concept to creative execution.We had a chance to ask some questions about the Ali brand's commitment to Africa and his new collection for spring / summer. We know that help grow the trade in Africa has always been the concept behind the Edun; As the earth and its people inspired by the designs of the brand?

Ali: We like to say that Africa is the soul of Edun and is always present in our design - although not always in an obvious way. Our designer Sharon Wauchob has been able to create a language for Edun covering some details of traditional Africa, like us, metalwork, mixed materials and patterns - but always used in a modern way.

Have you seen an increase in fashion brands out there that are working with the same objectives in Africa since the Edun was launched in 2005?
Ali: It seems that there is an increase in brands that are doing their work in Africa or other developing countries. Companies such as TOMS Shoes, Warby Parker and others founded a business model built on providing aid to developing countries and there are a few brands like Suno Maiyet and who are working specifically in Africa. Increased trade with Africa is our goal and to that end - we applaud and we welcome all efforts to bring aid and programs for sustainable development of countries.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

U2's Bono visits West Bank

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Irish rock star Bono paid a surprise visit to the West Bank on Tuesday, onlookers said.In Bethlehem, the U2 frontman was seen visiting the Nativity Church , a center in Aida refugee camp and touring Israel's separation wall which surrounds the city. He later visited Wadi al-Qyilt, a valley near Jericho, onlookers said.  The renowned singer and charity campaigner was accompanied by his family and a bodyguard. Palestinian tour guide Wisam Salsa was seen with the group.  

On Monday, the singer was spotted in a restaurant in Jaffa, near Tel Aviv, the Israeli press reported. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

U2’s Bono on surprise Israel visit

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- U2 lead singer Bono is on a personal visit to Israel.

The Irish singer, whose given name is Paul David Hewson, was seen at a restaurant and bar in Jaffa port with friends, surrounded by tight security.

U2 last performed in Israel in 1997; Bono reportedly does not have any current plans to perform in Israel.

Bono, who is also a human rights activist, announced in February, 2010, that the band would play in Israel the following summer, but it was never arranged, following an outcry from pro-Palestinian groups that urged him to boycott the Jewish 
Source: JTA

Monday, 9 April 2012

One year of my U2 show!

Today April 09, 2012, exactly 1 year ago I went to a show of my life. There were three days in the queue at the gate of the second Morumbi Stadium. But the struggle to see the show started the moment the official website announced that the band would come to Brazil. It was November 2010. I live in San Carlos, went to Sao Paulo on December 5, since only 07 days I could buy. At dawn on the day 06 to day 07 did what thousands of fans did, relentlessly pressed F5 Tickets for Fun Web site without success. I did not sleep. Until 7 am I arrived at the Pacaembu Stadium. He had a small line there. Everything closed yet clear, but we remained hopeful that some tickets for us. There was a woman guiding the T4F in the queue, alias, had a scary woman in line, wondered if it would still have tickets for all sectors and in large quantities, but she had replied that SE would be only for some sectors. Despair hit us all in line. But hope is the last to die and when the box office opened at 10 o'clock in the morning had announced that all sectors are available. Ready. The anxiety increased with happiness. But still I could not give me a completely happy. Would only do this when you took my ticket in hand. Until I walked to the window of the box office. I'll never forget the feeling. It was really real? I'd buy a ticket to a U2 concert!?? Was yes! It was real! So I bought! Lane 09 days. (Little did I know at that time that I would be the Inner Circle). That little piece of paper and was invaluable in my hands. I kept it very clear, as we keep our most precious jewels. I returned to San Carlos and waited 4 months. In the meantime I watched the movie U23D: chilling in the extreme!. I also made my 20th birthday on April 04 and received the greatest gift you could receive: the show was the following Saturday! I went back to Sao Paulo on 05 April. Day 07 I went to the long awaited queue in Morumbi. I set up my tent (which did not come cheap) 2 at the gate of the stadium. The statement had not yet fallen. All very good, beauty, tent set up, ticket securely stored, food, drink ... I met face a group of fans there. Form my friends all the time queue.

And I could not imagine what happened happened. I went several times to see how the stadium was going to mount the biggest stage that music has ever seen. I went. Several people walking in the corridors of Morumbi. Close to that place where I collapsed I almost saw the band's equipment to cm from me! In front of another emotion: the dressing of them. The Bono was the last. I was almost crying. Until .....

Friday, 6 April 2012

The Edge supports the campaign to honor Vaclav Havel

The Edge is giving its support to the leading Czech and international artists to honor the great playwright and politician Vaclav Havel. Czech writers, filmmakers and actors led by documentary filmmaker and producer Fero Fenic Olga Sommerova have started a grassroots campaign - backed by international figures such as Joan Baez and Peter Gabriel - calling for the airport in Prague to be renamed "Airport Vaclav Havel."
Over 80,000 people have signed the online petition supporting the idea and now the government is indicating in favor of the motion as a tribute to Havel and his unique role in history.

The playwright and dissident anti-communist, who died last December, was arrested by the totalitarian rulers of the country before the "Velvet Revolution" without shedding of blood, 1989. He was elected the last president of Czechoslovakia and first president of the Czech Republic. With the support of 25 countries, signatories include the opera director Ladislav Stros, singer Peter Yarrow, Brent Hansen of MTV Europe, playwrights Tom Stoppard and Christopher Hampton, and Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Terry Jones.

If you want to join this campaign, sign here:

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spider-Man stunt producer processes for bodily injury

The musical has been plagued by several problems. The production of the Broadway musical inspired by the Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, is facing another lawsuit, this time the double super hero. According to the website Contact Music, Kobak Richard claims to have suffered several injuries, including concussions, herniated discs and knee problems.
Kobak is the show since 2010, when he came to replace the previous stand, well away by injuries. In the process, he claims that the equipment used in aerobatics is not properly adjusted and that in April last year, the program control of the movement launched against the wall. Rick Miramontez, spokesman for the production, said in a statement that "the producers have no comment on the matter, except that Mr. Kobak is also currently on tour with the musical American Idiot." Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark features music by Bono and The Edge from U2. The musical has been plagued by problems such as accidents, delays and rising costs. Producers were also sued by former director of the show, Julie Taymor, who said he had been fired before paying their rights.

        O musical tem sido atormentado por diversos problemas. Foto: Reprodução

Source: Terra       

U22' New song for download.

If you've resubscribed to for 2012, there's a THIRD  download awaiting your attention: All I want is You / Love Rescue me

Click on 'Account Info' which will bring up the download link. 

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New U2 book

U2 always provides material for the production of several books. Now comes another one. This is basically a memoir of a fan of the band super stubborn.

"I'm A Fan: How I Married U2 Into My Life Without Going To The Altar" is the name of Erin Shivver book, which tells how the four Irish have profoundly affected the life of an American in his forties.

Bono and his associates provide a musical backdrop for the personal anguish of Erin, including the difficult separation from parents, a battle against depression and suffering of his mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.There is also a visit to the Oprah Winfrey Show to see their heroes, a lot of planes, trains and automobiles to the shows and all the madness related to U2.Who does not identify with that? I think we all have stories like U2 was at various times of our lives, good and bad, and the effort you have done to accompany them, is not it?

The book can be purchased here:

Monday, 2 April 2012

Bono presents Dierks Bentley at the Academy of Country Music Awards

Bono presented his friend Dierks Bentley at the awards gala of the Academy of Country Music Awards 2012, held last night in Las Vegas.

The singer of U2 was not present but appeared in a video. He said Bentley's music made ​​him feel patriotic about America. "America is not just geography or a country but an idea."

Aung San Suu Kyi was elected in Myanmar

Ficheiro:Aung San Suu Kyi gives speech.jpgThe Burmese leader that defends civil rights in their country (now Myanmar), Aung San Suu Kyi, was elected deputy for the first time in his career, in a historic by-election held Sunday. She who fought against the military regime since the 80's, was kept under house arrest even after his party - National League for Democracy (NLD) - have had a landslide victory in 1990 elections.

In 1991, Aung San Suu Kyi won the Nobel Peace Prize, however, it was only released from house arrest in 2010.

U2 made ​​a song in his honor, is "Walk On". In 2000, U2 was awarded the Freedom of Dublin. In the list of honorees were also Nelson Mandela and the then almost unknown to most of the guests that ceremony, Aung San Suu Kyi

Bono made ​​the 'homework' and became interested in the history of heroin. First, he tried to write "Walk On" from the standpoint of the husband and children, who stayed behind in Oxford when she decided to return to the place where he grew up, his true home. But he thought too presumptuous. "So I kept a little abstract and let be a love song about someone having to leave one relationship for all the right reasons," he says. *