Monday, 9 April 2012

One year of my U2 show!

Today April 09, 2012, exactly 1 year ago I went to a show of my life. There were three days in the queue at the gate of the second Morumbi Stadium. But the struggle to see the show started the moment the official website announced that the band would come to Brazil. It was November 2010. I live in San Carlos, went to Sao Paulo on December 5, since only 07 days I could buy. At dawn on the day 06 to day 07 did what thousands of fans did, relentlessly pressed F5 Tickets for Fun Web site without success. I did not sleep. Until 7 am I arrived at the Pacaembu Stadium. He had a small line there. Everything closed yet clear, but we remained hopeful that some tickets for us. There was a woman guiding the T4F in the queue, alias, had a scary woman in line, wondered if it would still have tickets for all sectors and in large quantities, but she had replied that SE would be only for some sectors. Despair hit us all in line. But hope is the last to die and when the box office opened at 10 o'clock in the morning had announced that all sectors are available. Ready. The anxiety increased with happiness. But still I could not give me a completely happy. Would only do this when you took my ticket in hand. Until I walked to the window of the box office. I'll never forget the feeling. It was really real? I'd buy a ticket to a U2 concert!?? Was yes! It was real! So I bought! Lane 09 days. (Little did I know at that time that I would be the Inner Circle). That little piece of paper and was invaluable in my hands. I kept it very clear, as we keep our most precious jewels. I returned to San Carlos and waited 4 months. In the meantime I watched the movie U23D: chilling in the extreme!. I also made my 20th birthday on April 04 and received the greatest gift you could receive: the show was the following Saturday! I went back to Sao Paulo on 05 April. Day 07 I went to the long awaited queue in Morumbi. I set up my tent (which did not come cheap) 2 at the gate of the stadium. The statement had not yet fallen. All very good, beauty, tent set up, ticket securely stored, food, drink ... I met face a group of fans there. Form my friends all the time queue.

And I could not imagine what happened happened. I went several times to see how the stadium was going to mount the biggest stage that music has ever seen. I went. Several people walking in the corridors of Morumbi. Close to that place where I collapsed I almost saw the band's equipment to cm from me! In front of another emotion: the dressing of them. The Bono was the last. I was almost crying. Until .....

I turned left at the Library of SPFC, crossed it, I saw the pitch at the Morumbi, I descended a ladder a few steps and ... Ready! There, right there before my eyes wide open was poor and nothing less than the BIGGEST stage in the history of music being mounted. Gigantic, making the Morumbi stay small. Sound only working machines and people. Neither screen nema antenna were mounted yet, but enough was enough, enough for me to kneel pertp a grid and take pictures, shoot scream.

Babei per minute. I returned to the queue. I will chat chat comes back to see the stage. Become routine. Let's see the stage? Yes, we will. Simple as that. And I saw. It took me all afternoon the day 07. At night as we could no longer enter the stadium began the problems. Pain, hunger, thirst, and especially the willingness to go the bathroom. I had money but did not want to spend 5 dollars to make things as simple in my life. Almost all of our group decided to go to a gas station nearby. We walked. We ate at Subway, use the bathroom of the station and returned to the Stadium. But until We have one more moment to scream. We were back on the sidewalk and talking normally until I spotted something beautiful. Above the threshold of the stadium I saw the top of the antenna of the stage lights glow and drop effects and reaching to the sky. For what? We started to take pictures and of course to scream and enjoy. As we walked to the stadium she was gone.

It was a bitter cold night. What I liked. Relaxed, at least to me. We are in the queue without leaving definivamente more until the next day. At dawn it was hell to sleep. Noise of car, the tent and the ground shook, and worse they decided to do a little show it in front of the queue. A group of people with a guitar began to sing U2 desafinadamente much. And coming up the sidewalk. They passed on the side of my tent, and inside I was already awake of course. Of course the songs they played I loved them, because U2 was, after all, but it was very bad corner wanted to stop. Well I slept only 3 hours and very badly.

The next day, April 8 (the day before the show), we took some visitinhas on stage, which was almost ready. Day 08 was the best of the queue, you will know why. Woke up at 5 am, only a cold feeling. People were waking up slowly. The sidewalk was gaining population. People leave without shirts, brushed their teeth on the tab of the street, were exchanged, or a sidewalk of a street in the city of Sao Paulo has become our home. We were talking and listening to U2 course all morning. Until the afternoon we visited a little more on stage. We went, we came back we went, we came up in a way that happened over a remarkable fact that came to my life story. We were there in the bookstore admiring the stage as usual until a sound took our ears. A sound known, moreover, various sounds familiar. The band's technicians were testing the sound of the stadium. Tuning guitars, bass and drums. They played several songs from U2 but known each for 3 seconds. I heard for three seconds: Bad, Streets (I almost died right there), Beautiful Day, Still have not found and others. Wiped away the tears (because not so light and the stage effects had yet) a well hopefully more in silence, with only the people around commenting on everything that happened to one of the most beautiful moments I have witnessed in my life. The coaches started playing City of Blinding Lights full version. Wow, guys ... ALL of us at the bookstore began to sing the whole lung! - "OH, YOU LOOK SO BEEEEEEAUTIFUL TONIIIIIGHT." I felt until the technicians there were thrilled with us. Absolutely chilling. I could not believe what was happening. There were no stage lights, he was not completely assembled, was the day, very day by the way, but it does not matter, it was perfect. Imagine the show soon after '. And if I say I do not just believe '. Well believe yes, because after Vertigo City were hoping, because that fan is a fan to know the sequence of songs. The battery began to play as famous hit. Wow! We started jumping too. I found the wooden floor of the bookstore was not endure. And the amazing thing: IT WAS STILL THE SHOW, not even the fourth there were only technical. But time did not matter. Some 50 people including myself were there, witnessing this historic moment, "HELLO, HELLOOOO .. .. I'M PLACE CALL VERTIGOOOOOOO ". Completed Vertigo thought we would come, but no. A security guard came to get out there and said that the stadium would close, it was almost dark. We left in the halls as if we were out of the show itself, and only two were múscias without Bono or stage lighting. We could hardly wait for the real show.

But the day would not end without the most exciting moment of the queue (I said I was fucking 08 days). It was night. All calm, as clear as possible. Suddenly I began to see some fans running down the street and did not understand why that. After a while these same people came back crying, and I almost fainted there without understanding anything. Until some crying commented: "I. .. I ... I took the hand of Bonoooo! Aaaaahhh!". I get ready: the band had arrived at the Morumbi Stadium for the first rehearsal and sound check. I was so I could not see them at the gate on arrival a ... but that's okay. Few minutes later, we hear from afar the songs that the band was rehearsing and the first was nothing less than: Zooropa!. Shouted the other queue. We sang. Once touched City, Mysterious Ways ... until I realized that an hour they were leaving the stadium. But not exitei. I ran to a gate and I squeezed in the middle of so many people around a grid to see the band and entourage leave.

We expect there for 2 hours. Until cars began to leave. First course of the band with the team manager and everything else. Suddenly they began to leave. Bono ... Edge .... Adam ... Larry ... all in their cars, none of them came out to talk. But had done this earlier when they arrived. Flashes took care of everything. Cries: "It is he!! Bonoooooooo!! AAAAAAAA!!!!!. They always very friendly and waved from inside the car. Ready gone and the day 08 was nearing the end of an exciting way. We saw our idols up close even before the show. That day, my God ... what day it was. We came back crying, tired, wanting only to sleep and dream about the next day. Dawn day 08 to day 09 until he was better than the last, but of course as a whole it was horrible. I slept from midnight to 5 and poco. No one before spending money on bath. clearly needed. At 5 am on 09 days, I woke up. With cold, shivering, I thought I would be sick, but I thought the show improved and on time. In the morning the organizers said the line for us to go packing and closing tent because the queue was going forward. in fact happened. Around 9 am I was already far ahead compared to before. My parents had sought all: my tent, my leftover garbage (because I was not one of those disgusting that they left everything they consumed played on the sidewalk) and my purchases did in the queue. I soh with 3 mobile, wallet and of course the ticket. Ready I just wait. And endless waiting. If a cold night did great, did a hot day irfernal. The water vendors were called in one one minute. Even I'm not a big fan of water bought. Sweat dripped, accumulated fatigue, pain, anguish, anxiety, nervousness ... all mixed up. But nothing in U2 would win.

At about 4 pm the gates were finally opened. The queue began to move, my God, was going to happen. Walkways grades needed to pass to reach the police. I arrived. He searched it. All normal beauty. I walked some more and gave the ticket to the attendants of the show. Spent and ready. The race is on. I looked left. To the right. Do not know where was the way to the Inner until I saw everyone running to the left. I went along. I ran, ran, ran, ran, ran further, almost flew, I had never run so much in my life, I saw the entrance to the Inner and ran more. Securities spoke to do not run, to have quiet. Oh, yeah we would obey. It's U2 concert friend! The least we want to do is walk. I got a ratchet that gave access to the Inner. Then it had to stop, or rather did not run or walked, I was led. It was a lot of people in one place. After spending a hard time at the turnstile I entered. With more freedom ran again, I spent an entry, entered the Inner behind, wanted to stay between the Edge and Bono, but I could not, but I was a good place. I finished when I was running between Bono and Adam and I stood there. Ready! Mission accomplished. Desired location. I just wait now. The afternoon passed. Comfortable temperature: cold. The stadium was filled with thousands of people. And I looked up and could not believe. The Claw stood opposite me, on my side, behind, purely 360 in me. The core of the stage where the band would be was covered with a blue tarp. Dark. The "olas" began. Beautiful. It started drizzling strong. We put on the raincoats. MUSE entered, and began her show. I loved the first song: Uprising. Was watching the lights of the stage and efitos chilling with my mouth open. That's because Muse was only playing. After their show again turn on the lights of the stadium and go off the stage. The countdown clock was on the screen. It was possible that the U2 ... U2 would be on that stage playing his greatest success in 360 degrees in front of me. I thought a meteor was going to hang in there, you know, something happens. But thankfully not. One surprise: ocar began the song "Train of Eleven" in Adoniran Barbosa. Even I hate that Brazilian music began to sing: "SOOOOOU FILHO ÚNICO." The clock finished its countdown. Arriving in time ... There was a guitar playing very slowly to the bottom ...

"Ground control to Major Tom .."

It's time! They appeared on the screen. The stadium erupts into euphoria and screams. I started crying already. It is not possible. U2? I love that band I will appear there? In front of me? In the flesh? It will not be Mai in video, TV or photo? It will be real? And it was. Ends Space Oditty David Bowie and all the stadium lights go out. Here is my video of this exciting time:

He started the show. Dream come true. I will not describe all the songs if you do not finish until tomorrow. Moments ... well ... the beginning, of course. The first song Even better than the real thing in the Elevation break, Bono leans on the bridge and turn to me! Look for me to think. I felt blood in my throat from shouting. Speaking of pizza was funny. Come I still have not found what I'm looking for a hymn sung by the entire stadium full lung. City of Blinding Lights and Vertigo were finally real. In I'll go crazy if I do not go crazy tonight was creepy. Everyone, including Larry passed in front of me. Larry turned to me and a small group of people crammed around him to admire him.

But the moment but exciting for me the show was yet to come. My music would be played: Where the streets have no name.

Without words. I was blue balloon. I cried, screamed and jumped more than any time in my life. The show comes to an end and my dream too. Get ready. I saw a U2 concert up close! It was the best day of my life. I love you U2 ♥.

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