Thursday, 19 April 2012

U22 should be released on May

The U2.Com e-mailed to subscribers with the latest news and a summary of what is on the site. What drew the most attention was that, finally, there is expected to launch the "U22" for May and also an indication that the band is in studio. See excerpts of e-mail by clicking "Read more":

About the U22:

U22, the CD with live tracks taken from the U2360 ° - with tracks chosen by our subscribers - is already with us.

And a fall release for the beginning of May - notify you by e-mail everyone who renewed their subscription for next year when we have the final details.

- If you subscribe, you can now download tracks from the album THREE. Click here to see how

A curious piece of e-mail reports that the band really is now in studio:

With the band out of public view and in the studio, we are introducing some new content to subscribers, as the return of "My U2 Playlist. '

- New album: gather all the news regarding the new album here!

In addition, the email also talks about the camanha "Walk In My Shoes", supported by Adam Clayton.

Source: U2BR

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