Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Interview with Ali Hewson

In 2005, the super couple Ali Hewson and Bono founded the Edun, a clothing line with the goal of creating a global fashion brand committed to develop trade with Africa through sustainable growth, while inspiring other brands to do the same. His approach "style with substance" guides everything that makes Edun, from concept to creative execution.We had a chance to ask some questions about the Ali brand's commitment to Africa and his new collection for spring / summer. We know that help grow the trade in Africa has always been the concept behind the Edun; As the earth and its people inspired by the designs of the brand?

Ali: We like to say that Africa is the soul of Edun and is always present in our design - although not always in an obvious way. Our designer Sharon Wauchob has been able to create a language for Edun covering some details of traditional Africa, like us, metalwork, mixed materials and patterns - but always used in a modern way.

Have you seen an increase in fashion brands out there that are working with the same objectives in Africa since the Edun was launched in 2005?
Ali: It seems that there is an increase in brands that are doing their work in Africa or other developing countries. Companies such as TOMS Shoes, Warby Parker and others founded a business model built on providing aid to developing countries and there are a few brands like Suno Maiyet and who are working specifically in Africa. Increased trade with Africa is our goal and to that end - we applaud and we welcome all efforts to bring aid and programs for sustainable development of countries.

The campaign for spring / summer "Beautiful Rebel" is visually beautiful. Tell us a little about what inspired the look and feel of the imagination.

Ali: We love our new campaign - is a visual representation of everything that represents Edun: the freshness of the faces, quality manufacturing of Butterflies, the duality of beauty and excitement of the images. The idea of ​​using butterflies originated from our designer Sharon Wauchob. She was inspired by its transformative qualities and was also inspired by the photography of Ryan McGinley for a while. It was a dream to be able to put two things together.

What are the major trends that you're obsessed with this spring and summer?
Ali: I love the silk drawstring pants for spring. I have used our pants and Yoruba Weave Print Print. They dress so easily and travel well - something I do a lot!

How would you describe your own style?
Ali: I try to love the simple and classic pieces and easy.

With his various projects, which are things you do to recharge and get inspired?
Ali: Green tea and chocolate!

If you want to know more about the campaign for spring / summer of 2012 Edun, click here: http://www.ultraviolet-u2.com/noticias/2012/01/31/edun-lanca-primeira-campanha/ 

Source: Ultraviolet Brasil

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