I'll post here all my opinions about U2 cds.

Studio albuns

  • Boy (1980)

Despite being the first album they have started well. Very well. With songs like I Will Follow, my favorite on the album and the fast The Electric Co, U2 entered the market in style. At the time, of course, the LP was released, today there are two CD versions of this album: the remastered single and double, which was launched in 2008. This double also comes with a booklet containing the internal letters and some photos of the moment. Its not my favorite album, none one of the best, but is a great album.

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  • October (1981)

It's the worst U2 album in my opinion. It is a great album compared to any other than U2.Here again Bono makes references to his mother in some songs. The Gloria is best for me, but also are great October and Tomorrow. A curiosity is that Bono lost a notebook of letters of the album at the time of recording.

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  • War (1983)
After a small success with the first two albums, U2 first released an album with some songs more striking and that later would become the band's classics. The best music for me is Sunday Bloody Sunday, and with New Year's Day make the master due of the album.The song 40 that brings a psalm of the Bible in its letter and other letters focus on the war issue. It is the most political album of the band.

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  • The Ungorgattable Fire (1984)

A beautiful album that launched one of the greatest songs of the band Pride (In the name of love), and other outside A Sort of Homecoming, a fabulous song and title track from the album The Unforgattable Fire. Abum dedicated to Martin Luther King, who is mentioned in two songs: Pride and MLK. It's an album that makes me go, let me mesmerized. There is a very good documentary of the making of the album and is present on the DVD Go Home and also on Deluxe The Unforgattable Fire. Was one of the first albuns I had of U2.

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  • The Joshua Tree (1987)
Well, it is now my favorite U2 album. Many people consider the best is Achtung Baby, but for me it is the second. Joshua Tree is my passion, I have it in many versions: CD, DVD, LP and deluxe 20th anniversary. It is here that the three best U2 songs for me: Where the streets have no name, I Still Haven't Found What I'm looking for and With or Without You There is not a song on the album that you can jump. All are beautiful. All! Bullet the Blue Sky has the best guitar solo of U2, then come Running to Stand Still to calm the listener after strong previous song, In God's Country is a quick and lively song, Red Hill Minning Town shows why Bono has the most beautiful voice in the world, One Tree Hill makes me cry, Exit is the darkest song on the album and the band too, but even then it takes you from calm to extreme rock. And the album closes with the gentle Mothers of the Disappeared, honoring mothers who lost their children after Bono paid a visit to Central America in El Salvador.

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  • Rattle and Hum (1988)

It is the famous movie-album of the band. U2 diving shows in America in spreading the success of the previous album. The album contains new songs and many other known and acclaimed. Of the new songs stood out All I Want Is You, Desire and Angel of Harlem. It also shows a super cover of The Beatles' Helter Skelter, which in my opinion is much better played by U2. For the first time Edge has a own song, where he plays and sings alone in Van Diemen's Land. There is a beautiful version of the famous Still haven't found with a church choir in New York. The band is starting to fill large stadiums and receive awards established thanks to Joshua.

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  • Acthung Baby (1991)

As I said, for many is the best U2 album but for me it is second only to Joshua. In the late 80 U2 did not know what direction to take, at the last show in Dublin by Lovetown Tour Bono said a phrase that became very famous: "I was Explaining to people the other night, but I might've got it to bit wrong - this is just the end of something for U2 and that's what we're playing these concerts - and we're throwing a party for ourselves and you. It's no big deal, it's just - we have to go away and. .. and dream it all up again. " The band then had to reinvent itself. They did with great style. Achtung Baby songs full of shows effects of voice and guitar, Bono shows her more sensual side so to speak. It starts with Zoo Station and a guitar driven, Even better than the real thing shows the effects that Edge makes your instrument (this song for me was the best intro in the history of touring the band when he was hit by 360 Tour a remix version.) . Then comes the best song on the album that needs no comment Until teh One end of thw world comes with another great solo from Edge. Who's gonna rildo your wild horses is the second best album for me, a shame it has not been played many times. The Fly shows one of Bono's alter-egos that bears the same name. Using pants and a black jackets and huge sunglasses and also black (which is in the Uber Deluxe Edition) he enters the stage marking territory and smoking. Mysterious Ways is music for dancing and singing in the clip is a dancer who is the wife of Edge, Morleight. She also appeared when this song was played on the Zoo TV tour, which sometimes caused some jealous fool the Edge. Ultraviolet (Light My Way) is also a beautiful song with So cruel and Tryin 'to Throw Your Arms Around the World. Acrobat has magical effects guitar and everything, very few times it was played live. The album closes with the beautiful Love is Blindness, which when played live was even more beautiful on the Edge doing a solo. The album sold 18 million copies worldwide and won a Grammy Award in 1993 for "Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals". One of the most acclaimed records of the 1990s, Achtung Baby is regularly shown in the list of the greatest albums of all time. In October 2011, the album will be reissued to mark the 20th anniversary of its original release.

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  • Zooropa (1993)

When I first heard Zooropa soon became the worst U2 album for me. But after listening and analyze it so many times it is one of my favorites. And became even more after playing the song Zooropa U2 entire first ever and it was here in Brazil by 360 degree tour, after 18 years of his achievement. A brother-Acthung Baby album, he had not been finalized and the Zoo TV tour was already in full swing. Best song is Stay (Faraway, So Close!) Which is also the favorite song from Bono. There is another song written by Edge: Numb. The album ends with a duet with Johnny Cash in The Wanderer. In 1994, Zooropa won a Grammy Award for "Best Alternative Music Album." Although the album was a success and viewed by music journalists, with the most creative album of the group, the band has a mixed feelings.

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  • Pop (1997)
Four years after the overwhelming success of the Zoo TV tour and album Zooropa, U2 performs the album Pop. Although he reached the # 1 position in 35 countries, including Britain and the United States, the lifetime sales of Pop are among the lowest in the U2 catalog mail and critical reaction was mixed. Pop was certified platinum by the RIAA on May 5, 1997. It is a good album, not one of my favorites. Best song I say and Gone Discotheque, with an unusual clip that now the band is ashamed to see. With this album U2 Popmart tour and made ​​the first came here in Brazil for three shows, this shows that, according to Bono, helped the tour and the band after a period of failures and controversies. A curiosity of the album cover is that if you turn the cover in the direction 90 ° to the right, the right eye of Larry becomes the symbol of Playboy (rabbit), referring to a track on the album titled The Playboy Mansion.

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  • All that you can't leave behind (2000)

The album was originally named "U2000", which was a working title of his last tour Popmart Tour. U2 starts the new millennium, a new decade and new century with a great album (the third best in my opinion). An album calmer compared to the previous decade crazy albums. Best song for me is not Beautiful Day (although it is the best known and have won three Grammy Awards alone.) Walk On, but that took two clips, one of them made ​​here in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. His tour was very quiet compared to the two previous tours. Played in stadiums and arenas often, was one of two tour U2 have two official DVDs: Go Home Slane Castle (the best show of the tour) and Elevation Live from Boston (DVD Dual). The other tour that also includes two DVDs was the War tour in the early 80's. The album won numerous Grammy awards, and brought U2 back to the position of best rock band in the world after the troubled Pop.

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  • How to Dismantle an Anatomic Bomb (2004)

One of the best albums of the band and what undoubtedly won more Grammy Awards. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb and its singles, won nine Grammy Awards for which it was nominated (for the band, were granted eight of nine). The album was also the 4th biggest selling album in 2004, [12] selling over 9 million copies, [13] and has yielded several hit singles such as "Vertigo," "City of Blinding Lights" and "Sometimes You Can not make It on Your Own ". Best song for me is City of Blinding Lights, and hearing it live was quite exciting. There are two versions of this album: the single and double, this brings a dvd with clips and scenes of the album and a bonus track: Fast Cars. Bono makes the song Sometimes You Can not Make It on Your Own to his father who died of cancer during the previous tour. Of course, the music's most successful album is Vertigo due to its release and their live versions, starting with Larry beats and famous phrase: "Uno, dos, tres, Catorce", screamed the entire lung with a fan that can Tues echoing throughout the stadium and soon after the music explodes and a dead body until that time up and starts to jump. (no exaggeration)

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  • No line on the horizon (2009)
Released on February 27, 2009, was the band's first record from the album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (2004), marking the longest gap between albums of U2's career. The band originally planned to release two EP songs, but then combined the material. The photographer Anton Corbijn has launched a companion film, Linear, to be released with the album following a number of special editions. One of my favorite albums, No Line was released in multiple versions: cd single, digipack, and cd-Box magazine was done in places like Morocco, Dublin and London. It was here that the most lucrative tour of the story was based, 360 ° Tour. The single Get On Your Boots did not seem to please all fans as Vertigo had done, but Bono says it's a pleasure to play it live. It is. It is time that Edge and Adam come very close to the fans, past the famous bridges of the stage. The best song is Unknown Caller ground with a cry, she was worth only played the first leg of the tour. Another beautiful song that was never even played is white as snow and stand up comedy, the latter would be nice to the stage. Anyway, it's great but did not have enough attention and success they deserved.To heart ot click here.Live albuns
  • Under a Blood Red Sky (1983)
    The first live album is based on U2's album War Under a Bloody Red Sky was recorded at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado (near Denver) in the United States. It was recorded in CD and DVD (first VHS). It was a historic concert for the band and the rock itself. The revsita Roolling Stone as the greatest live recording of music history. Before the show started pouring down rain that threatened the presentation of the Irish. But after much working man squeegee to clean water and take the place the show was viable. Recently, the album won a dual version, ie cd and dvd. See more here.
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  • It is a short album with only four songs and two live and two studio. The centerpiece of the EP, "Bad" - a song about heroin addiction - would become a hallmark of their live set, especially after a long outstanding performance in Live Aid in which Bono danced with a girl in the audience. Radio programmers often chose this ain Wide Awake in America North American version of the studio recordings for radio.
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