Wednesday, 25 April 2012

CuteCircuit reveals the secrets of bright jackets of 360 ° Tour

For the first time, the company CuteCircuit reveals the secrets of the jackets lumunosas 360 Tour took place and tells us how his collaboration with the band. See!


Backstage ... Bono is ready, try his new jacket CuteCircuit and all you can say is "Incredible."

Outside, the stage is dark. Only blue lights are visible at center stage.

The song begins with background voices asking, "Is there a team?", "What do you want?", "Is history bound to repeat Itself?".

And suddenly the lights change color and the music begins. In the dark, each member of U2 is incorporated in bright blue lights, matching the stage. "Zooropa" was not played by the band 15 years ago. It is an exceptional moment for the band and their fans.

For this dramatic moment, CuteCircuit created costumes for each band member, each emitting a spectacular display of lights. The legendary rock band from Dublin is using the most spectacular and luminous jackets technology ever created.


Each one is handmade and has built about 5000 LEDs that can create all sorts of shapes and visual patterns, including videos. The jackets are all remotely controlled in real time from the console lights using the software of portable technology live called "Q", developed by CuteCircuit.


As each member of U2 has its own style, each jacket is designed to match the unique style of each band member. Black cotton for Bono, Edge to black leather, white cotton for Larry, and a futuristic blend of leather and nylon for Adam.

The moment of "Zooropa" in each concert takes place in a futuristic city lit by neon lights. These jackets perfectly combined with the icon of the scenario designed by Mark Fisher, a spectacular "spaceship on four legs," covered with video screens. The overall effect with bright jackets of CuteCircuit shows each of the four members in a dynamically changing surface illuminated on their bodies as they move.

The four jackets were used exclusively during the North American leg of the 360 Tour and songs like "City Of Blinding Lights," "Crazy," "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and others.

Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, founders of CuteCircuit, disfrutaram this unforgettable collaboration and said, "We are very proud of the effort, skill, design and technology that were placed in jackets of U2. We are delighted to be part of this tour and the fact that our work has been appreciated by U2, his team, his fans, including connoisseurs of music, design and fashion. "CuteCircuit did it again, overstepped the bounds of fashion and technology to create something that had never been seen before in a live show.

Working backstage at the first concert of the North American leg of the tour of 2011 in Invesco Field in Denver, Adam Clayton had his first experience with the jacket. Seeing Ryan and Francesca prepare her for the show, he exclaimed, "This is great!"

As Francesca recently described in an event, "Imagine 60,000 people in a stadium all at the same time saying, Wow, that was amazing."



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