Friday, 27 July 2012

All The Way From São Paulo


At the end of July last year, after 110 shows, the U2360° spaceship took off for the final time. 

Nothing captures the 360° vibe like the limited edition live set U22, with 22 songs from three years of shows. 

But what was it like to be there on the night, from the second the band walked onstage as  'Real Thing' kicked off to the closing benediction of 'Moment of Surrender' ? 

Maybe you were there and you'll never forget... maybe you wouldn't mind a reminder.  

To mark the first anniversary of the end of U2360°, this Saturday, exclusively for our subscribers, we'll be rebroadcasting the audio of the third show in Sao Paulo from April 2011.


The rebroadcast will begin at 8pm (Sao Paulo, Brazil time) on Saturday 28th July and in order to accommodate people in different time-zones, we'll play it again at 8pm (Sydney, Australia time) on Sunday July 29th and 8pm (London, UK time) on Sunday July 29th. (Check The World Clock to see what time works best where you are in the world.)

And if you're not a subscriber to and you'd like to listen in, check out the details of a subscription. You get to download 12 tracks from U22 immediately, we put the limited edition package in the mail to you... and your plans for this weekend are sorted! 

Source: U2.COM

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