Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Baby Claw!

On April 3, 2010, a member of our forum known by the nickname of Hitoz announced it was embarking on the construction of a miniature Claw, he had no idea it would take about 300 hours spread over two years before arriving at what you can see in the picture above: a reproduction of the scene of the last U2 tour conducted with great care and thoroughness that demands admiration of all.

Of course, Hitoz was not at his first attempt! He had already done before a completely successful reproduction of the scene of the Vertigo tour. But with The Claw, Hitoz embarked on a challenge of any size with a final result quite striking.

Take time to watch the video below which shows the main steps of this project. You will certainly be impressed with the shape gradually emerge from the scene to achieve a perfect similarity with the model, you will discover with astonishment the countless details made with extreme care, and probably you will relive moments of U2 concerts at the end with the presentation of the structure illuminated by its 103 LEDs. Absolutely wonderful!


To those who pay close attention to this realization, Hitoz and his work will most likely be honored in more detail on U2Achtung. In the meantime, here's some technical details:

- Made of plastic rods Evergreen, cardboard and fiberglass.
- Dimensions: height 500mm, length 600mm, width 550mm.
- 103 LEDS.
- 20 meters of electrical cable

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