Thursday, 28 June 2012

U22 Day

It was at Camp Nou in Barcelona on June 30, 2009, the U2 'launched their space station 360 and 90,000 fans took off'.

On Saturday, three years later, U2's official website is offering a 'listening party', recalling the shows and celebrating the launch of U22 - the soundtrack of the tour chosen by the fans.

They're calling it "U22 Day" and every hour they will be providing streaming of music from U22 - your vote will decide which song will air next.

As well as talking about the songs, the site of U2 will post your tweets, photos, memories and comments throughout the tour.

What song should never have been taken from the set? What song was reborn again? What was your strangest experience on the tour ... or more moving? Saw the band more than once? You were in every show? What was the best night and why?
And on the U22? The best moment? What song would you add?

The "U22 Day" begins on Saturday at 6:00 pm on U2.COM

Source: UV

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