Saturday, 19 May 2012

Bono speaks at the Chicago Council about Global Affairs

On Friday Bono spoke at the Chicago Council during the World Symposium on Agriculture and Food, on behalf of companies which he co-founded: ONE and (RED). The leader of U2 talked about how transparency is needed in the extraction of resources from Africa, corruption kills than AIDS / HIV, not only is the music that is subject to the whims of fashion, but also international development. Would not speak on behalf of the African continent but as a fan. Their efforts are to mobilize those present to take about 50 million in poverty.


"The conversation has changed. Help is smarter. Finally is manifesting itself in most of us that the continent has the most poverty, also has the most wealth. Imagine a place gushing gold, copper, oil ... an undeveloped farmland. Not to mention human resources. "

Bono has praised U.S. President Barack Obama in his alliance to promote agricultural growth in Africa: "If the words of his speech are transformed into action in partnership with the developing world and the private sector, so today was an important moment."

The president replied, "(Bono) was my inspiration for me to sing at the Apollo." Referring to the charity event at the Apollo Theater in January this year, where he opened his speech by singing a few verses of "Let's Stay Together" Al Green. He also thanked the leader of U2 for their efforts in the fight against poverty.


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