Saturday, 5 May 2012

McGuinness will open photographic exhibition about U2


If you plan to travel to Dublin in the coming months, the city will give you a more attractive in the world "U2ístico"! Paul McGuinness opens next Thursday, May 10, the exhibition "U2: 1978-81." See the details:

The U2 manager Paul McGuinness, will inaugurate the exhibition "U2: 1978-81" in "Little Museum" in Dublin on 10 May. The exhibit is sponsored by Jagermeister, will feature 33 previously unpublished photographs of the early years of U2. This is the first time the collection will be displayed.

"U2: 1978-81" shows the beginnings of U2 as a set, but strong union, as future icons, but as teenagers having fun. The photographs were taken by Dubliner Patrick Brocklebank, who worked as a graphic artist and photographer in the 70s. "Because it always was in town," recalls Brocklebank, "and why are the same age, used to always see U2 there. The record shows the energy and ambition of a local band that would soon conquer the world."

Having fun at Trinity College or working in the Project, these images reveal the inevitable emergence of a band on the rise. Pots, weapons and paintings were used as accessories, and Bono proving himself in a scene like a thief. "Paul (Hewson, Bono) could not play guitar," recalls Brocklebank, "and was not a great singer, but he had something special: the arrogance and stage presence that would later U2 a household name."

The exhibition "U2: 1978-81" is available at the Little Museum in Dublin until September 2.

The The Irish Time published a series of five photographs that are part of the exhibition with comments about each one's own Patrick Brocklebank
"February 12, 1979. Bono and Edge intend to fire extinguishers in a Trinity. After this session, three people were in the band for Pizzland on Grafton Street. After this very day, one of the rivals of U2, The Vipers, put end his race for the stars with a farewell concert in McGonagle's. "
"February 10, 1979. Bono in an armchair, showing his" Bono Boots "(Boots Bono), as they were known in the city. They had a very high heels for a man! Used to buy them in a shoe next to McGonagle's. "

"February 12, 1979. Bono and Guggi are standing in front of a painting by Robert Ballagh that hung on the ground floor of Block Arts (at Trinity College Dublin) until recently. This is pretending to do his Guggi, and Bono is ... taking liberties with the lady ... "

"February 24, 1979. Hot Press supported the band, they visit us all the time and gave a lot of positive media coverage. U2 The first interview for the magazine was made in Glasnevin, at The Willows Road in Finglas, a cloudy afternoon Saturday. in the foreground is felecido Bill Graham, conducting the interview. Clive, Guggi and Strongman rented this house, many parties were given there. was also used to house the team, and there also met the group Shalom Bible. a strange mix. These photos were never used, but the interview appeared the following week. from right to left: Dik (the Prunes) Evans (the Edge's brother), Gavin Friday, Guggi, Edge, Adam Clayton and Bill Graham. "
"February 12, 1979. Guggi Notice in this photo. I was told that Larry could not attend and then Guggi went there. Larry said after you were not warned about this photo shoot! This was the moment when Larry was about to leave the band . had a job offer in a fixed oil company. His father attended a recording session to take it every altogether, saying that the college was more important ... if he knew ... "


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