Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rolling Stone: U2 owns the tour most remarkable of all time

The Rolling Stone magazine published on the website a list of 10 most memorable tours of all time. U2 not only tops the list as well emplaca a seventh place too!

The band won the first set by the legendary Zoo TV tour, beating pop icons like Madonna and Michael Jackson, and The Beatles! In an honorable seventh place was the recent U2 360 º Tour.

1º Zoo TV (1992-1993), U2

After you hang from the ceiling of the stage cars, there's not much you can do. And that was just one element of the grand experiment designed to promote the ambitious album Achtung Baby. Between television images and live broadcasts from other places, Bono has incorporated several characters. After that, the rock shows were never the same.

7º 360º (2009-2011), U2

In the United States, the Zoo TV was the last adventure of U2 in stadiums. How to reformat completely this kind of presentation? Putting the stage in the middle of the environment of the shows with a huge metal structure - "the claw" - supporting mobile screens and speakers.

Source: U2BR

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