Tuesday, 6 March 2012

"We're one but we're not the same"

U2 celebrates 20 years of launching the single "One", a song "incredibly emotional" going "straight to the heart," defined as the guitarist The Edge, creator of one of the tunes most admired by fans of the band . "One" was the third single from the album "Achtung Baby" (1991), work produced in Berlin by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno and U2 with which the established order to "try again" after the monumental "The Joshua Tree "(1987) and" Rattle and Hum "(1988).


However, the music never reached number one on the lists of successes after being released on March 6, 1992, a situation that "a little disappointed" the band as lead singer Bono said in the book "U2 by U2". Also a surprise that, although he speaks of the pain that causes the separation of two people, the hit is seen by millions of fans as a hymn to love.
"I never understood why people want to put it in your marriage. Met many people who did this. And always ask them: are you crazy? This song speaks of separation."

However, this single seems to have generated some bad interpretations. After Bono (Paul Hewson), The Edge (David Evans), Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen announced that the profits of "One" would go to the fight against AIDS, photographer Anton Corbijn has presented his idea to the band for the promotional video clip.
In the video, which also included the participation of Bono's father, the foursome posed as a transvestite in a decadent setting, reflecting also a time marked by the recent fall of the Berlin Wall.

U2 was afraid, however, that certain sectors that were relating to interpret AIDS exclusively with sexuality, and decided to veto the video and hire Mark Pellington to write a more sober and conceptual, which was well received, for example, by "MTV".
However, an idea was very repetitive, and thought the U2 song would be longer on the list of hits with a more conventional version. The band then hired Phil Joanou, who had worked on the album "Rattle and Hum", and recorded the third clip.

Source: Terra Brasil

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