Friday, 9 March 2012

You're simply the best!

I know everyone has their favorite album, and is often the Acthung Baby (which is nonetheless one of the best hard rock), but I think, in my humble opinion, walks will be equal to The Joshua Tree. It is flawless, perfect. Thurs could make a list of adjectives to describe this fantastic album. You can not skip any track. Every tracks are amazing, especially the first three and even more especially the first: Where the streets have no name (My favorite song of U2). It was with this album that U2 won his first Grammy. There is only one of the most important albums from U2 as it is also one of the most important in music history. Proof of this was the 5th place that the album was on the list of best albums in music history. And today is celebrating its 25th anniversary.


Where the streets have no name: perfection
I still have not found what I'm looking for: peace
With or Without You: best love song of U2.
Bullet the Blue Sky: Best of U2 guitar solo.
Running to Stando Still, perfect to sing
Red Hill Minning Town: Strong
In God's Country: singing, dancing and jumping
Throw your Trip wires: Country Music
One Tree Hill: Relaxing yet powerful.
Exit: Dark
Mothers of the dissapeared: to hear on a rainy day.

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