Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Edge, the band's high-tech, participate in WholeWorldBand

The site Hotpress reported that  Edge will participate in the application wholeworld Band , which allows users to create music with other musicians and music fans around the world, both in audio and video.

According to the site, a series of important artists such as The Edge, Ron Wood (Rolling Stones) and Gavin Friday are currently creating performances for WholeWorldBand and will be sending or collaborating on new tracks existing in the near future.

The proposed WholeWorldBand (Full Band in the World, in translation) is to get musicians and music fans around the world to contribute and combine a series of performances on video or audio, including his own, from the application library, to create your own line-up of favorite bands.

With WholeWorldBand, musicians can submit their own original tracks and make money when other users download them and share them. The more people to get the job, but the author will earn money.

The application will be presented to the world at the "Music Show 2012" to be held in Dublin from 25th to February 26th. But only from the March will be available for download via iTunes for iPhone and iPad 4/4S

Source: u2br

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