Monday, 9 January 2012

Tribute to U2 big show at the Hard Rock Cafe

They spent a few minutes to 23:00 when "Beautiful Day" began a wonderful musical evening at the Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon. Despite the many similarities to the super-media Irish band, 2U were to assume the responsibility to interpret the greatest successes of the group led by Bono. And early on we saw that all the hard work had to be successfully accomplished.

The aim of providing a tribute to U2 was then drawn at first. The bar was very high, but the four Portuguese took the stage with confidence and started right away and in style with a performance that for a little over an hour all the thrilled audience.

More like the originals in terms of music than visual, the 2U emerged led by a "Bono" entertainer with unique traits. With a voice similar to the Irish star, the singer appeared with a high-energy mirror maintained by constant interaction with the audience, in a posture characteristic of a great artist who demonstrates every move all his passion for performing live.

Since then the interpretations of mythic themes as "Magnificent," "With or Without You" and "Where The Streets Have No Name", the band decided to quit Lisbon in beauty the show tonight Sunday elapsed on 09 January.
Made the traditional encore, the 2U returned in force with the electrifying "Elevation" and ended the performance with the feeling of accomplishment to the sound of the great success "Vertigo."

After the performance, breathed excitement and joy inside the Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon. With an audience composed mostly of couples and groups of friends, this was a great choice for those seeking a relaxing way to drink to taste good quality music played and sung live.

By the end of January, the musical tribute to internationally renowned big bands will mark Sunday night at the Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon. The next day January 15 is the turn of the Queen and be honored on Sunday next 22 days, the Pearl Band bring the best of the rock band Pearl Jam. Lastly but with similar quality, the DA / CA come to interpret the sounds of the pioneers of heavy metal AC / DC.

Source: Hard Music

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