Sunday, 29 January 2012

U2 concert is elected the best of Super Bowl

Another prize for the huge list that U2 already has. This time, the show held at halftime of Super Bowl was elected the best of all has been made. It was in 2002, with all the sadness of 9 / 11 U2 was able to bring emotion and message of peace on two songs. First the band played the album The MLK Unforgattable Fire (1984) and last played, which in my opinion is the best song of all time, Where the streets have no name. The most exciting was that the band was behind a curtain where the names of the victims of the attacks were shown.


The vote of the best shows at halftime of Super Bowl was made by site

"The best halftime show of all time, and that will never be overcome. You know how difficult to perform a halftime show of Super Bowl with a tribute to the victims of September 11 and not end up being in bad taste? I was stunned . Even now I can not believe the good it has done this halftime show. it was an unexpected miracle. I waited for firefighters dancing holograms and planes. Instead, we had a sober screen with the names of victims, next to the lights of the show U2, Bono culminating in showing the American flag inside his jacket and place going down the madness. it will not be equaled." - Says the site.

Congratulations once again, U2!

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