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The early 90s was a period in which the U2 impressed critics to re-imagine their own music with the release of Achtung Baby. 20 years later, the band revisited and this time, digging files, found a stockpile of unreleased tracks, collaborations precious, lost remixes and rarities cult-style side B. In addition to never before heard tracks, produced in the studios of Berlin and Dublin, the new material brings live performances and commercially unreleased videos, and club hits and appearances by special guests. Achtung Baby incorporates a multitude of ideas and styles, all represented in the mosaic that is the album cover. The photo collage qudradas symbolizes the spirit of 90 years and the changes in Europe after the fall of the Berlin wall. To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, the U2 team, including designer Shaughn McGrath and the original photographer, Anton Corbijn, are inviting artists to submit a photo or art that reflects the global environment of today. The photograph or artwork should express the same meaning in this cover of Achtung Baby. If Achtung Baby was released today, which photographs or art would be part of this collage?
Choice of U2
The official U2's designer, Shaughn McGrath and photographer Anton Corbijn, will select 15 projects that will be used in a collage and displayed on The winners will receive global visibility for their work that appears on and social media channels in the band, along with information about each vcencedor. The winners will also receive:

- A copy of the final collage
- A deluxe box set
- Digital Camera

The artist with the most votes will be promoted in your project's social media channels U2 and In addition, the artist will also receive:

- a copy of the final collage
- A deluxe box set
- A digital SLR camera
- McGrath and Anton Corbijn will select, out of 16 winners, one candidate will receive a Trabant vehicle model, unique and customized style Achtung Baby.


If you sign up: January 23, 2012
Vote: 24 January 2012 - January 30, 2012
Announcement of Winners: February 20, 2012

As the winner will be chosen.

U2 will choose the winner from among all eligible projects, considering those with the highest number of votes. A qualified project is that it fits in the document Terms & Conditions and Guidelines.


All projects must be original and sent in JPEG or PNG, and may not have been commercially used before or during the period of this Creative Invite.
Each participant must keep your original work, in case of being selected as the winner.
The 16 finalists have attached to the U2 and its licensors irrevocable, worldwide and royalty-free, perpetual license to use the work submitted for this contest in any advertising and promotional materials in all media.

Official Rules

The 16 finalists will be allowed to use for your project portfolio.
U2 has the right but not the obligation, to use the winning design.

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Source: Talent House

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