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These days I was seeing U2 videos on the net, when I came across one made by Brazilians in front of Bono's house in Ireland. He was going to last U2 concert in Ireland for the 360 Tour. But one of the comments, of course, was done by an Irishman was as follows: 


This is the video. Go to youtube if you want to see the comment.

That's over a case of xenophobia stupid happens, Irish are against the entry of Brazilians think we are poor and do not benefit at all to Ireland, and who is now with the crisis we are not Brazilian, but they have now to worsen want to put tougher laws against immigrants, ie, a country so beautiful, where was formed a band born of peace and a man like Bono, and there are people who hate foreigners, Bono himself these hours should be ashamed.

An account of the prejudice in Ireland and my view on xenophobia. I hope you agree with me regarding this ridiculous scenario of society that are considered more evolved on Earth. It is really absurd.
I know many people will not read because it is a little big, but I think it's worth stopping to see beautiful pictures and gifs cute for a minute and open your eyes to the world in which we live. They are 5 minutes. Perhaps you can reflect on something today ...
"Foreigners do not deserve respect?
The testimony of Tibiriçá Thais, a Brazilian who suffered abuse in Ireland
For almost a year I participated as a reporter of this site. Our goal has always been writing about human rights violations, censorship, denial of liberty. And had to get to Europe to feel everything that happens to me.
I decided to come to Spain and study at a university as an exchange agreement with the University Federal Fluminense (UFF / RJ).I have a student visa to attend a semester at the Universidad de la Coruna in La Coruna, Galicia region. I'm living in Spain for four months, and my Holy Week vacation with two friends went to Ireland. To our surprise we were denied entry into Dublin and taken to a women's prison (I I my friend Maria Dias) and male (our friend Andrew St. Peter).
The justification of Irish immigration police was that we did not have enough money to spend six days in the country. However, three of us had 350 euros each into cash, in addition to our international credit cards. According to immigration, credit card is not proof of cash. Visa Will not work there?
After being denied entry, without knowing we were taken to prison, and stay with our passports and original documents of the universities that are studying here in Europe. They ignored the roles of universities, and also questioned why they were not in English. Contest that was the language of the country in which we live, it is an original documentation. We realized that they would not let us go anyway, then ask a link to the Brazilian Embassy. Again we were ignored.
Upon entering the prison Dochais Centre had to leave all my belongings to the police when I say all are all the same. I received a plastic bag with towel, blanket, a pair of panties and a blouse (which were at least mine). Mary was not so lucky: the police let her just take your glasses and contact lens eye drops, nothing more. Stay with their clothes for two days.
In these two days we had to shower in front of guards, and the quiz prison nurse, pass a medical, participate in common meals with the inmates in our prison ... there were women who were serving time for drug trafficking and other for murder. We met and talked with some of them, even the Brazilian Embassy in Dublin, in the voice of Elza Soares, he said he did not live with these people.
Yes, we've dealt with these people, and I'm not here to judge them. The violation of our rights is not made by them but by Irish immigration police, claiming unreal, just do not let us in Ireland, and to complete, took us to a prison and deprived us of our freedom, leaving we there for two days without the possibility of a connection.
Our only connection request was granted on the second day. The Sister Mary, who takes care of prisoners, has helped us to speak with the director of the prison, which had been touched and let us make a call of 6 minutes. My friend Andrew, who was in the male prison, could not make any calls, and to question his presence there received the following response: "This is not immigration, it is a prison."
They were my parents and told Mary that the Embassy of Brazil in Dublin, and on Saturday morning a representative visited us, warning us of possible output. To try to calm down, said this was the normal procedure, but that only made me more distraught and wondered how many Brazilians have gone through this and could never report this humiliation. Many others must have felt embarrassed and just want to forget everything. My friends and I just feel an aversion to the way foreigners are treated in Ireland.The guard of immigration made it very clear talking to us that the presence of Brazilians are not welcome and we have nothing to see in Ireland. Yes, these words were used.
We are more outraged that our government deal with the case so carefree, and have the courage to say that this is a common procedure, because the Irish Immigration is not a place for the deportees. Readers, imagine if Irish students were barred from entering Brazil, and taken to a jail. Happen a diplomatic war. The experience was worth to see how the world is upside down. The so-called globalization are leaving more developed countries considered crazy. And Europe is the most visible to notice all these changes. Immigration from less developed countries of the European Union and economic growth that does not follow all the movements of people are averse to leaving the European countries called here to be underdeveloped.
The xenophobia of the Irish is clear when entering the room deported from the airport. The messages on the walls of people are always considered second tier. Along with Mary and I was also in the same situation a Brazilian 35 years, whose name I prefer not to mention, because she does not know what I'm writing. This woman is a nurse in Brazil for over 10 years, took 1500 euros into cash, round-trip ticket from Brazil, two credit cards, hotel booked and paid. The immigration police response was that it was a nice person, but could not prove their profession in the country. Just to travel to Ireland on vacation you need to have proof of a professional activity in the country of origin.
The situation is chaotic in the country of James Joyce. The Irish authorities had signed a week before our arrival a law that will make more difficult the entry of people do not sit well with them. Too bad they say that censorship and violation of human rights was something only the dictatorships. And now how countries are dealing with foreigners? "
---- I was extremely saddened by this story. I admire Ireland, culture mostly. It may be ridiculous, I admit, but I confess: when I read the excerpt "The guard of immigration made it very clear talking to us that the presence of Brazilians are not welcome and we have nothing to see in Ireland. 'Almost wept for surprise and fear. Surprise is so strong so that the Irish have an aversion to foreigners, including Brazilians, and afraid to go there one day to try to fulfill my dream and go through a situation like this or some like many others that we see out there (be the target of physical aggression by racist groups for example).
  What makes me more thoughtful about it is that Brazilians receive foreigners with the greatest attention and respect (of course we have exceptions in the world have.). I can almost say that we treat for them. Respect, welcome, if they need help, etc.. Any alien who arrives in Brazil, I'm sure, will be super welcome! But if the situation is contrary, suffer and go through this humiliation. We are ill-treated, poorly attended, ignored, caught, it's ridiculous! Sometimes not even look at us in the face!
  After all, what is the reason for the hatred of foreigners? What is the explanation to exclude a person from society by their skin color? So to say that only because I'm white, blue eyes I'm evil character? I kill people, to terrorism, I am a bandit? Is that it? I'm dishonest? I can not understand, I will not. It is because European countries are more developed and classified as "1st World" and then the rest of the world does not pay? They do not want a mix with his people all perfect and just right, is it?
  Well, I'll say one more thing: they now snubbed, mistreat, beat, kill, humiliate and all the rest of the story we already know and need not repeat, but they forget that the reason for the "2nd and 3rd Worlds "are less developed is their fault that they were" discovering "new lands simply exploited to the core of the bones of the natives of these lands they occupied, removed everything that could take advantage of each soil, let alone a people scrambled to their culture, without their riches. They smashed the tribes, just with different cultures, beliefs. They have imposed on people who lived there and forced to work for them. And then they left, whether by fighting with the original people or lack of interest in the lands already finished, leaving the whole mess a natural society. Traces of their tickets were marked and reflect these colonized countries today. If developing countries are really underdeveloped until today I'm sure you are not so random. The settlers took everything they could: gold, precious stones, nature, people became slaves, animals, everything! Simply everything and now we turn away. They do not help countries that have suffered in their hands in the past. They ignore.
  It is these times that I really anger of those people who consider themselves superior simply because they are Europeans, Americans, etc ... People are being judged by appearance, in fact, we should look at the character of each one.
  I hope one day to go to Ireland and prove that Brazilians are so human and worthy of attention and respect as any Irishman.Anyone in the world deserves to be treated with all their rights. All are free. No matter where it comes from, where he was born, lived or lives, skin color, hair type, whether it's blond, red, brown, one is white, albino or black. It makes no difference whether the high, low, dwarf, have disabilities, is gifted, has a hard, rich, poor, or Mercedes will walk the same walk, if you have tattoos, piercings, colored hair, you can hear rock, samba, soul, jazz, funk, metal, pop, rap, you wear black or loves the colors, etc ... Never mind any of that. What we have to stop to see is the character. Only then will we see who is who.
  I hope I was clear. I was really sad about the matter.
  Let's stop this, please. Everyone talks of humanity, love and peace but do not see many people act the way they preach.
  Prejudice is a lack of knowledge, is to judge without knowing. Racism is seen in the appearance of your character is another thing that has nothing to do with another. Xenophobia is not respecting others because of their nationality.
  In the end, everything is lack of knowledge. Conclusion: People today are false and ignorant.
  I think I need not say more ...

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