Sunday, 6 November 2011

U2 reborn two decades

There are those who consider "Achtung Baby" the best album of U2. Published 20 years ago, it sold 20 million copies. To celebrate, the band is hard to relaunch the series in a format where there is no lack of new material and other treats. "Achtung Baby" resulted also in the massive Zoo TV Tour. Launched in November 1991 was the seventh studio album from the band and one that marked a significant change in the sound of the Irish, breaking sharply with the music that until then were organic.There is no shortage of new material retrieved from the archives of "Achtung Baby" and a set of content - video, remixes, B sides and documentary recordings - which can now delight fans. Until there are oculinhos fly. The disc came in the aftermath of the huge success of the second half of the 80, after "The Joshua Tree" (1987) and "Rattle and Hum" (1988) conquered the planet. Now, after all, the quartet chose to compose a new album, but soon realized that the hard work would not be easy. The musicians decided to move for a while, to Berlin, Germany, occupying the Hansa Studios (where Bowie recorded "Heroes" and Nick Cave "Your Funeral My Trial", for example). The idea was to get away from Dublin and the home environment, they considered castrating creativity. Moreover, Berlin lived times of special energy: it was at the time of German reunification. However, the band was faced with a lack of inspiration and anguish of those seeking the cost, progress toward a new sound that during the first week insisted on not arrive. U2 were about to put an end to the career. "On a scale of zero to ten, nine were about to end," he said later, the lead singer, Bono. The scenario is summarized as follows: on the one hand, Bono and The Edge, who wanted to leave the sound of 80 years and mating cells from the music industry, electronics and culture "Madchester" on the other side, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. , who preferred to remain faithful to the band's more traditional aesthetic. The Edge came up there with machinery for strikes, which have displeased the drummer. The atmosphere in the studio became vaguely tense, frustrating. I had the Berlin Wall fell, and in the studio, the musicians appeared to build walls between themselves.

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