Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The old and eternal duel: Acthung Baby x The Joshua Tree

There is no doubt that U2 has the best albums of music, after all, it's no wonder they are the best band in the world. But everyone has their favorite. I've seen almost all albums are placed on top of preferences, even October, which in my simple opinion is, say, the "weaker" of the band. And all tastes should be respected because each album brings a different meaning for each fan.

But, most of the reviews, always two albums stand out as the favorite: Acthung baby (newly reissued) and The Joshua Tree. Two masterpieces of the band who are considered two of the best albums of music by many critics. And over the years they have been discussed which would be best. Let's start respecting the chronology.

The Joshua Tree (1987)
With only three extraordinary songs so far: Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day and Pride, (which is already to recognize) U2 released the album The Joshua Tree in March 9, 1987. That's when the band plunged into the roots of American music and definitely started to fill stadiums and arenas around the world, leaving the old European system. The disc starts, no less, with Where the streets have no name, which to me is the best song of the band. A song that starts softly dark, suddenly, as if by magic, Edge starts playing different strings of his guitar with echo effects. And the music keeps growing until the moment it explodes! Done, the first track on the album already takes you to another dimension, another world. Today it is a must in all U2 shows. "I Still Haven't Found What I'm looking for" is the next song. Another one that starts out soft, not as anteriror range. Tambourines begin, and epic guitar rhythm starts Edge, Adam goes along for power and Bono starts singing, in a tone of voice of the best ever made for him. As he always says, "It's a gospel song," religious. There is a stop in the middle of the song that serves as preparation for the grand final and best part of music in my opinion: "I believe in the Kingdom Come, then all the colors will bleed into one, but yes I'm still running." The song fades until it ends. And there is no pause for breath when another masterpiece begins: "With or Without You," one of the most famous ballads of U2. A love song, which tambpem can create here a duel between her and One, but this is good for another day. Bono sings sultry voice and reaches high notes, especially in the "Oooooooohhh !!!!". The song ends with a beautiful exchange of strings being played by Edge. The fourth track is powerful, heavy, but at the same time beautiful. Bullet the Blue Sky begins with Larry standing firm and beating on drums. Edge's guitar is a sideshow. The best is his solo in this song, especially when played on the Zoo TV tour. After it comes to Running to Stand Still calm. Soft and sweet, it fills the album in the right place. Ahead we have Red Hill Minning town, a good song to sing. One of the best sounds of Bono's voice. Rapid In God's Country comes next with a beautiful melody and a good rhythm. The eighth song on the album Joshua Tree, Trip throght your wires, is the country that has more inspiration, in my opinion. The beautiful One Tree Hill is the penultimate song on the album, played recently in rare concerts of U2's 360 ° as in Chile. Exit Following is the darkest song on the album. Bono dislocated his right shoulder while introducing ess song in the show's Joshua Tree tour in Whasington. This caused him to sing in concert with a sling following, but not followed the advice of your physician, and sometimes took her to try to play guitar. Mothers of disappeared quietly closes the album with effect from Larry on drums.

Achtung Baby (1991)
As I said, for many is the best U2 album but for me it is second only to Joshua. In the late 80 U2 did not know what direction to take, at the last show in Dublin by Lovetown Tour Bono said a phrase that became very famous: "I was Explaining to people the other night, but I might've got it to bit wrong - this is just the end of something for U2 and that's what we're playing these concerts - and we're throwing a party for ourselves and you. It's no big deal, it's just - we have to go away and. .. and dream it all up again. " The band then had to reinvent itself. They did with great style. Achtung Baby songs full of shows effects of voice and guitar, Bono shows her more sensual side so to speak. It starts with Zoo Station and a guitar driven, Even better than the real thing shows the effects that Edge makes your instrument (this song for me was the best intro in the history of touring the band when he was hit by 360 Tour a remix version.) . Then comes the best song on the album that needs no comment, One,then comes Until the end of the world with another great solo from Edge. Who's gonna rild your wild horses is the second best album for me, a shame it has not been played many times. The Fly shows one of Bono's alter-egos that bears the same name. Using pants and a black jackets and huge sunglasses and also black (which is in the Uber Deluxe Edition) he enters the stage marking territory and smoking. Mysterious Ways is music for dancing and singing in the clip is a dancer who is the wife of Edge, Morleight. She also appeared when this song was played on the Zoo TV tour, which sometimes caused some jealous fool the Edge. Ultraviolet (Light My Way) is also a beautiful song with So cruel and Tryin 'to Throw Your Arms Around the World. Acrobat has magical effects guitar and everything, very few times it was played live. The album closes with the beautiful Love is Blindness, which when played live was even more beautiful on the Edge doing a solo. The album sold 18 million copies worldwide and won a Grammy Award in 1993 for "Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals". One of the most acclaimed records of the 1990s, Achtung Baby is regularly shown in the list of the greatest albums of all time. In October 2011, the album will be reissued to mark the 20th anniversary of its original release.

So, for me Joshua Tree is better for my own reasons, and for you, what you prefer?

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