Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Original director of "Spider-Man - Turn off the Dark" sued the producers.

Photo: Photo: PressThe director Julie Taymor sued the producers of the musical "Spider-Man - Turn Off the Dark" in $ 1 million (£ 621,000) in damages claiming that they infringed her copyrights. The musical debut had problems due to injuries to his squad and financial problems, which led to the closure of it. It is the most expensive musical in Broadway history and the soundtrack was on account of U2. Philip William McKinley, the new director took pains Taymor and said it would reopen the musical in June this year. Julie is seeking half of the profit that the musical had, clearing your name from a documentary made ​​about the troubled debut of "Spider-Man." The producers argue that they are repaying Taymor correctly and expect Justice to resolve this once and for all.

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