Thursday, 17 November 2011


ImagenThe singer Patricio Manns, who qualified for the International Competition Festival of Vina del Mar with the Theme on Camiroaga Felipe, "Felipe is looking from the bottom of the sea," said they have plans for major international artists recorded. "The song will make his way alone, without the need of Vina del Mar, because we drive. I have great singers projects to bring it into their countries, like Bono, for example," in A New Tomorrow. Manns said that "some time" is in talks with the leader of U2 "through a friend who is close friends with him and lives here in Con Con, Chile then when you get it or perhaps have the list sent before for the song here in Chile. "The author explained that compose this song for the late entertainer "was an idea that was born of the búqueda me the bodies of the disappeared in Juan Fernandez, who was an everyday thing in the media." "And suddenly I was sitting and said, 'Philip is sitting at the bottom of the
sea' as a reflection 'and I said' here is a song 'and I wrote" he said. The melody itself will represent Chile in the international category of the contest native of Viña is "My Big Love" Ivan Patricio Mena and Leandro Martinez will play the singer. Before this election, said that "he (Martinez) comes from the people of 'Red' makes covers, it is not a good match for me, because I consider myself a professional."

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