Thursday, 10 November 2011

Jake Berry says it was like working on the 360 Tour.

With years of experience in touring, Jake Berry, producer of the most expensive tour in music history (360), says it was like working in this enormous project. It reveals that the tour was harder and more rewarding than ever attended: "It was the longest production load out that I've ever Experienced in 30 years. I've had breakfast on the load out, but I've Never Had lunch . "

The Claw at Morumbi Stadium, São Paulo, Brazil.
Indeed, the 360 ° tour of impressed even the most musically unpleasant. It completed the tour of the world grossing $ 736,137,344 and enabled a number of 7,268,430 of fans to see live, lasting a little over two years since its debut in Barcelona, ​​with the band on One making mistakes to emocionate goodbye to Moncton on music 40. Its structure scares. It weighs 400 tons and hundreds of trucks were needed to carry the claw around the world. That's because there is not  only one structure, but three. While one is used, another is dismantled and a third is already mounted in another city. A challenge for very few people: "People stop on the highway to take a picture of this alien ship landing in a small, sleep Belgian town was pretty fun. And then moving it for the first time ..."

Here's an interview, where Jake talks about the tour and the sad end.

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